Latiff Group is over a hundred year old business house standing strong on the foundations of honesty and integrity. With over a century old experience and profit oriented businesses have over a century ventured into many diversified industries and have been accredited as an ISO-9001-2000 company.


Latiff Group is well rooted on the grounds of honesty and integrity. Qualities that have won them the trust and loyalty of several honorable customers for generations. In fact, having dealt with Latiff Group once makes one feel compelled to go back to them. Clients not only feel comfortable with them, but they do not have to worry once their works are in the hands of qualified and committed personnel of Latiff Group. The policy at Latiff Group is simply and dependable. They believe in wise and farsighted decisions that benefit both, the client and themselves. A work culture that inspires productivity and a commitment to keep the clients happy has won them the confidence of a host of good clients and tons of prosperity.